Remote Monitoring Capabilities

We’ve collaborated with a leading tech company to enable remote monitoring of our ZE-Gen units. Data can be accessed through an online portal – updated in real-time which shows each unit’s location, battery power levels, and power consumption.

End users can use this information to determine when a new, fully charged unit is required, without the need for a site visit. For medical personnel, these insights can allow emergency responders to ensure patients continue to receive the care they need without disruption.

APKI Onsite Maintenance Service

Our Zero Emission Generators (ZE-Gens) have been designed with environmental considerations, reliability, and ease of use in mind.

Traditional petrol and diesel generators require regular maintenance and often won’t start if left idle for too long. APKI ZE-Gens are built to last, require minimal upkeep, and provide dependable power without the downtime.

However, sometimes accidents happen. And on the rare occasions that they do, our expert team are on hand to provide a quick resolution.

Always on Standby

ZE-Gens are a new and emerging alternative to petrol generators. As with all new innovations, there’s currently a lack of technical expertise for servicing ZE-Gens, and it will take a while for the industry to catch up. In acknowledgement of this, we’ve established our own service and repair facility to ensure our clients can always access support.

Our mobile service vehicle is entirely self-sufficient and is kitted out with all the necessary tools, safety equipment, parts, and replacements to operate independently. All we need is a parking space.

Whether it’s accidental damage, misuse, or a faulty component, we're prepared to handle it. Unlike petrol or diesel generators, APKI ZE-Gens have no moving parts and can be repaired quickly to get you back up and running with minimal downtime.

There’s no need to try to find someone who can help or send your ZE-Gen back and wait for diagnostics. We’re ready to go and can tackle any issues you may have, wherever you are.

If we can’t repair your ZE-Gen on the spot, we’ll replace the entire unit and take the faulty unit away. ZE-Gens are built with sustainability at heart, and we contribute to a circular economy by repurposing batteries and components.

How Our Service Works

1.       You Contact Us

Reach out via our dedicated support line and tell us what’s happened.

2.       We Come to You

Our mobile service unit will be dispatched promptly. We’ll arrive at your location, fully equipped to address the problem.

3.       We Repair Your ZE-Gen

We perform all necessary repairs onsite, ensuring your ZE-Gen is back to optimal operation with minimal interruption to your activities.

Sustainable and Reliable

At APKI, we're more than just a ZE-Gen provider. We're your partners in sustainable power, committed to providing not only innovative products, but also comprehensive support and maintenance services that ensure reliability.

We maintain working relationships with our clients long after the point of purchase. Whether it's for routine checks or urgent repairs, our team is here to ensure your ZE-Gen can always be relied upon to deliver power when needed.