APKI designs and manufactures innovative Portable Power Supply Units (PPSU) for demanding and critical applications. We are committed to meet or exceed customer expectations through excellence in quality, customer service, and innovation.

The APKI MX1600LP, MX2200Li, MX2200LiFC, and MX6400LiFC models were specifically developed to meet the needs of vulnerable people during prolonged power outages. Supplying power for sensitive medical equipment and general welfare appliances for up to twelve hours of continuous use.

·         Lithium-ion phosphate battery and seven layers of built-in protection ensures safety and reliability

·         Portable, lightweight ( 18 - 35kg), and easy to use – PLUG & PLAY

·         Pure Sine wave ensures safe and continuous use of the most sensitive and demanding medical equipment and appliances

·         Silent, zero emissions, low EMF levels, maintenance free, SAFE - seven layers of protection

·         Fast charge, remote monitoring, and asset tracking options

Note: The downloadable user manual does not include the declaration of conformity, this is available upon request.

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