APKI Power Products 

The APKI MX1600LP, MX2200Li, MX2200LiFC, and MX6400LiFC models have been specifically developed to meet the needs of vulnerable people during prolonged power outages.

Sensitive medical equipment and general welfare appliances require consistent, high-power energy outputs. Our portable ZE-Gen units provide up to twelve hours of continuous use to allow patients and vulnerable people to receive the care they need.

The Stats

-           Battery: Each ZE-Gen unit is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with seven layers of built-in protection.
-           Weight: All units are portable and lightweight, ranging from 18 to 35kg.
-           Sensitivity: Pure Sine wave ensures safe and continuous use for even the most sensitive and demanding medical equipment and appliances.
-           Outputs: Our ZE-Gens are completely silent, emit zero emissions, have low EMF levels, and are maintenance-free.
-           Charging: Units Can be charged from mains power, a vehicle 12v supply, or solar panels.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

We’ve collaborated with a leading tech company to enable remote monitoring of our ZE-Gen units. Data can be accessed through an online portal – updated in real-time which shows each unit’s location, battery power levels, and power consumption.
End users can use this information to determine when a new, fully charged unit is required, without the need for a site visit. For medical personnel, these insights can allow emergency responders to ensure patients continue to receive the care they need without disruption.

Note: The downloadable user manual does not include the declaration of conformity, this is available upon request.

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