Pioneers in Energy Equality

APK Industries (APKI) is a designer and manufacturer of Zero Emission Generators (ZE-Gens), also known as Portable Power Units (PPUs). Our ZE-Gens provide reliable outputs for critical and demanding applications, where access to power would otherwise be limited.

Our mission is simple. We believe that access to energy is a fundamental right, not a privilege. With this in mind, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change in the energy sector.

Through cross-industry collaboration, extensive testing, and innovative product design, our engineers have created state-of-the-art technology to facilitate reliable clean energy outputs in even the most demanding conditions.

From lights-out to life-or-death scenarios, our units have been used to combat electricity outages and power emergency medical equipment and general welfare appliances around the globe, ensuring sustainable and equitable energy provision for everyone, regardless of their location.                                     

What is a ZE-Gen?

ZE-Gen stands for Zero Emissions Generator. ZE-Gens are completely silent AC/DC power generators that work exactly like a regular plug socket, only portable. APKI’s ZE-Gens emit zero emissions and can be charged using clean energy sources, such as wind or solar power.

About Us

APKI is dedicated to designing and manufacturing clean energy solutions that not only respect the environment but also empower communities worldwide.

Our groundbreaking innovations in ZE-Gen technology stem from an innovation challenge that sought to develop renewable replacements for fossil fuel generators. Acknowledging that cross-industry collaboration was the only way to fulfil this brief, we assembled a team of experts from a range of different sectors, pooling our knowledge to unpick the task at hand.

Since completing a three-year development phase, our ZE-Gens have been trialed and tested by four of the six leading Distribution Network Operators in the UK, who jointly provide power to over 23 million customers. We’re now able to present a range of purpose-built, sustainability-orientated ZE-Gens for utility providers, emergency services, disaster relief, and defence and security operations.

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