APK Industries manufacture an extensive range of access panels as an OEM supplier with own label or under the APKI ACCESS or APKI FAB brands with EU fire rated certification; BS EN 1364-1: 2008 for vertical and horizontal applications. NOTE APKI Access Panels are not available for distribution in the UK.

The APKI ACCESS range of access panels are available with a budget lock, tri-lock, 3-way lock or security lock. Manufactured with zinc plated steel and powder coated in RAL 9021 with a 20% gloss finish. Panels arevailable with a beaded frame or picture frame, are  Individually packaged in a card box with a plastic or steel key, instructions and box print as required. For further information see buttons below to download brochure and product guide.                                                                                                           78890539-4f1c-42a2-89a2-196b8d60cb8fpng    Untitled 1pngairtightjpgloft-hatches1jpg1GR-FIRE0RATEDjpg

APK Industries fabricate a range of fixings, brackets and kits of parts for the modular and offsite construction sectors. All structual steel components are manufactured with  BS EN 1090 certified steel and welded to AWS D1.1/D1.1M: 2015 standards.
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